Environmental Responsibility

Sopra Steria Group's approach to its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint is one of continuous improvement.

Sopra Steria's environmental responsibility

Sopra Steria Group's approach to its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint is one of continuous improvement, engaging every employee as well as its sustainability specialists.  It focusses on four key areas:

Business travel

Sopra Steria has implemented a plan to provide remote communication tools to limit business trips - in particular the number of flights taken - and offsets all greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its business trips. In 2018, Sopra Steria was awarded CarbonNeutral® certification for all of its 2017business travels. The aim of this carbon offsetting is to compensate for the Group's greenhouse gas emissions by investing in projects to preserve natural resources and by furthering the use of renewable energy.

Management of IT infrastructures and devices

Sopra Steria has optimised management of its IT infrastructures and devices. In addition, the Group has decided to offset carbon emissions of its data centres. All greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption at Sopra Steria data centres in 2017 are offset in 2018. This initiative, for which Sopra Steria has received CarbonNeutral®, is part of the extension of its programme to reduce the carbon impact of data centres.

Site management

The Group is both renovating its current sites and opening new offices in environmentally friendly, energy-positive buildings with HQE®, BBC and THPE certification.

Waste management

For several years, the Group has managed both its IT waste and its office waste, working with specialist businesses which guarantee that equipment recycling can be traced.

Initiatives which support Sopra Steria's commitment to the environment


CDP was created almost 15 years ago. It acts on behalf of investors and carries out climate change, water and forest evaluation programmes for companies. Stock exchange companies report their adopted actions, in terms of climate change risks and opportunities, in a comprehensive and reliable way via the CDP Climate Change programme. They are requested to fill out a yearly questionnaire about their actions towards the fight against climate change. In 2018, Sopra Steria is included in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index leaders with a score of A.

Water, the source of life

The right to water is a major commitment of Sopra Steria's Corporate Responsibility policy. The Group's commitment involves supporting 2 large international organisations working on projects related to water: access, sanitation and pollution control. The Group has supported Green Cross since 2012 and 1001fontaines since 2014.

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