Our Economic Responsibility

The entire Sopra Steria Group is committed to ethical conduct.

Marketplace Responsibility

Responsible interaction with our stakeholders

Our first responsibility is to ensure our economic development and our sustainability whilst considering our local and global impact on economy.
As an international group operating in many countries, we play a major part in sustainable development.
Business ethics underpin our daily activities, a core requirement we extend to our clients, suppliers, and partners, because together, we create a virtuous and sustainable economic circle.

Business Ethics

The core requirement in our day to day business

This priority, which is based on the commitments of the United Nations Global Compact, is formalised in Sopra Steria’s Code of Ethics, which applies to the group’s entire scope. The principles of the group’s code are founded on compliance with legislation and regulations in all countries in which group entities operate, and on the entities’ commitments to carry on their business as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In conducting its business, the group is committed to ensuring that its entities and employees:

  • work to prevent all forms of active or passive corruption, whether
  • direct or indirect;
  • abide by competition rules;
  • maintain the confidentiality of information to which employees have access in the course of their duties and activities.

Sopra Steria is also committed to avoiding personal conflicts of interest that are contrary to its best interests.

The Code of Ethics is supported by group management, which is responsible for ensuring that these rules are observed. The code applies to all Sopra Steria employees to ensure that the group’s businesses operate effectively.

Responsible purchasing policy

To ensure a sustainable supply chain, the group operates a policy of responsible purchasing.

Sopra Steria is particularly attentive to the issue of responsible purchasing. This approach is associated with the assessment of key suppliers and integrates ethical, social, environmental and community aspects. Initiatives are progressively deployed by the group and are supplemented by local initiatives to best meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Client satisfaction

Long-term relationships with key clients are an important indicator of their satisfaction

Sopra Steria has developed specific approaches aimed at building long-term relationships with its strategic clients.
As such, most of its key accounts have been clients of the group for over 10 years.
The client satisfaction surveys and reviews carried out by Sopra Steria entities enable the group to improve the quality of the services it delivers while taking account of client expectations during client reviews.
The group responds to its clients’ growing concerns about data security by setting out specific confidentiality rules and best practices applicable to production.