Enhancing the value of IT Assets

Optimising information systems to improve their contribution to business performance

Sopra Steria uses its expertise in enterprise information systems and their principal application fields to help IT companies achieve a number of business critical outcomes:

  • Increase IT’s contribution to the business
  • Achieve flexibility in budgets
  • Develop the digital enterprise
  • Bring about a return to innovation
  • Increase information system (IS) adaptability
  • Build the ISD of the future: structure, governance and architecture.


We have identified ten IT enhancements that will initiate the transformation needed to build a value-creating IT environment. These relate to the ITS budget, its business stakeholders, its architecture and the associated technologies:

  1. Managing technology obsolescence
  2. Rationalising sourcing
  3. Optimising costs
  4. Improving user/customer satisfaction
  5. Improving time-to-market
  6. Improving the ISD’s contribution to business lines
  7. Committing to business-line goals
  8. Securing the IS
  9. Aligning the IS with business-line processes and goals
  10. Using new technologies.

We build action plans around these ten areas within a structured framework incorporating:

  • Maturity analysis of the ten areas for enhancement, using a high-performance tool and multi-sector maturity reference guidelines
  • A recommendation plan, to be quantified, scheduled and backed up by a ROI calculation
  • Implementation of detailed improvement plans
  • Supporting and monitoring the achievement of anticipated benefits.