Sopra Steria recognized as a Leader in UX-UI services by global analyst firm NelsonHall

Paris, January 14, 2019

Sopra Steria, the European leader in digital transformation, announced today that its UX-UI services have been named « a Leader » in the latest NelsonHall’s NEAT analysis on the UX-UI services market segment.


Sopra Steria launched its UX-UI design services back in 2011 mainly in France, Spain and Norway and specially to support their clients’ digital transformation. Since then, the company has built strong capabilities and footprints all over Europe.


NelsonHall’s NEAT vendor evaluation reflects Sopra Steria’s overall ability to meet future client requirements as well as delivering immediate benefits to UX-UI service clients. This evaluation assessed the major providers in this segment worldwide.


NelsonHall’s NEAT assessment identifies Sopra Steria’s UX-UI services as “a Leader” based on the following strengths:

  • The effective shift of its internal culture towards design thinking across the organization
  • The company’s ability to address emerging technology and evolving customer needs


“Sopra Steria’s strong client footprint in Southern Europe and successful experience in the Northern European Public Sector provides an advantage in these geographies, bringing experience, knowledge and a collaborative network to add value. Its focus on the use of emerging technologies as well as the adoption of design thinking processes will help the company to strengthen the growth of its UX-UI services practice”, explained David McIntire, IT Services Research Director at NelsonHall.


And David Maurange, Head of Digital Interactions at Sopra Steria added, “We are very proud to be recognized as a leader in UX-UI services, a segment in which we have tremendously invested for the past 8+ years, and in which we aim to strengthen our capabilities in the coming years, mostly through geographical expansion to be available in any location for any project. Our Digilabs & Digital Software factories will help in doing so”.