Sopra Banking Software

Sopra Banking Software, the benchmark in banking

With its 4,000 experts and one of the most thorough portfolios of services and solutions on the market, Sopra Banking Software has long been the trusted partner of more than 600 banks in 70 countries. The company's unparalleled expertise allows it to satisfy the need for innovation and development in banks and financial institutions of all sorts and sizes.

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Research and development Engineer

You are responsible for designing, modelling, programming and integrating applications using a variety of programming languages (e.g. JAVA, JEE, C#, C++, PHP, Python).   


Project Manager

You oversee the entire project by way of managing all human, administrative and financial elements.



You are responsible for analysing, developing and structuring information systems.


Scrum master

You are responsible for a project team’s safety, training and performance.


Data scientist

You use statistical methods to identify and address issues.


ERP Consultant

You advise clients on their operations and software-related issues.


Business analyst

You analyse, write specifications for and model product features, and the client requirements that need software packages creating.


R&D Engineer

You work on production projects looking at pricing software and service invoicing.


Project Manager

You provide in-house support to clients’ management teams throughout projects that include a software component.


Technical Director

You manage the product and/or services’ development and deployment cycle, with support from both internal and external resources.


Programme director

You are responsible for setting technical and architectural strategies, the deployment and management of equipment, telecoms and desktop tools, application implementation and systems management.


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